Cracks and stuck doors are seemingly minor issues that can indicate structural problems in your home. They could be due to structural damage in your home. Here are some signs to know if your house is at risk of structural damage.

Signs of Structural Problems in Your Home

Foundation and Wall Cracks

A house’s foundation is crucial, and a wall or foundation crack can signify a problem in the construction of your home. There are different types of cracks, and while they can be alarming to the homeowner, some cracks are more problematic than others.

During your inspection, check the size and direction of the crack. Cracks wide on one end and narrow on the other are usually a bad sign. These need immediate repairs, or else they will continue to get worse. 

Vertical cracks are usually due to the house settling and are mainly an aesthetic issue. 

Stuck Doors and Windows

Do your windows and doors feel different when opening and closing? There could be an issue with the doors or windows if they require more force to open and close or if they do not entirely close.

Sometimes the wood in a door expands and makes the door hard to close. However, structural problems could also be a cause, so you need a contractor to determine the problem.

Bouncy Floors Can Mean Major Structural Problems in Your Home

If your floors move or “bounce” when you walk around, there could be a significant issue in the floor’s construction.

Damaged floors are an indication of a shifting foundation. You might notice your floor bowing or sagging and could also start sloping. Look for sloping and cracked tiles. If found, they require immediate professional inspection and repairs.

Roof Leaks

Factors like bad storms and age usually contribute to a leaky roof but leaks could also signify structural problems in your home.

When water soaks the roof structure, the wood trusses and rafters absorb the moisture. With time, these essential parts begin to rot, which weakens the entire structure. Avoid these problems by having your roof inspected yearly and any damage repaired early on.

Structural problems in your home can be frustrating. Homeowners should schedule home inspections to determine issues and repair them before they become more significant.

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