The temperatures are dropping, and it’s a good time of year to make sure your wardrobe has what you need to stay comfortable. As you reach for cozy sweaters and jackets on cool fall mornings, you may realize your closet needs work. You can turn the closet into an orderly storage space with time and helpful organizational tips. Here are a few suggestions to organize your closet to better accommodate cold-weather clothing and accessories.

Tips to Organize Your Closet

1. Clear Out the Space

Take everything out and sort your items one by one. Decide what you still wear, what can be donated or given away, and what needs to be thrown away. Be honest with yourself. Only keep clothing you genuinely enjoy wearing.

Next, remove your summer clothing to store it elsewhere. Don’t fill the storage with out-of-season clothes when closet space is limited. Once you’ve removed items you don’t currently need, assess what’s left.

2. Group Your Clothing

Before putting everything back into the closet, determine how you will organize your clothes. To maximize your space, you may need to purchase organizational tools – such as hanging organizers, shelves, or clear storage bins. Group the items by type, such as sweaters, pants, shirts, and accessories. Find an area of the closet for each category. Fold sweaters and store them on shelves or in cubbies. Hang scarves on a belt hanger.

3. Optimize Vertical Space to Organize Your Closet

Take advantage of the walls to maximize space. If you have high ceilings, install an additional hanging rod or add shelving. Use over-the-door organizers and install hooks on the walls to expand your storage options. Add a shoe rack on the door or beneath the closet rod to keep your footwear organized.

4. Find a Spot for Accessories

Use a divided tray or a small bowl for jewelry and watches. Keep belts and hats in a designated area. Add hooks near the closet door for frequently used winter accessories like hats and scarves. Clear, labeled containers are great for organizing gloves, mittens, and hats.

Fall is the perfect time to declutter and organize your closet. However, it can feel like a daunting task. By using these tips and strategies, you’ll make the process easier so you can enjoy a tidy closet. Invest a little time and effort to save yourself frustration when dressing for colder weather. A well-organized closet keeps your cold-weather clothing within easy reach.

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