Moving across the country is a massive undertaking. It is essential to plan, choose a route, and allow yourself enough time to make a seamless move. Here are a few important tips to remember when moving cross-country.

Planning a Cross-Country Move

1. Make a Plan

Start the work well before your anticipated moving day when moving across the country. Research where you are moving, find a place to live, get quotes from moving companies, determine what you will take, and create a budget for the move.

2. Choose the Best Route When Moving Cross-Country

Cross-country moves take time. When planning your move, consider the route you want to take. If you are driving, break the trip up by stopping a few times each day to stretch and rest. Plan a route that includes overnight stays so that you can rest along the journey.

3. Declutter

Moving is an excellent opportunity to take stock of your belongings. An easy way to get rid of things you don’t want to bring with you is to host a garage sale. This way, you’ll earn money for unwanted items and get them out of your home in a single weekend.

4. Book a Moving Company for a Cross-Country Move

Look for a trusted moving company with great reviews when moving across the country. Movers often book up fast, so make a plan and schedule your move as soon as possible. When deciding on a company to hire, don’t settle for the first one you find. Shop around and get at least three quotes before making a final decision.

5. Create a Checklist

A checklist tracks everything you need to do before, during, and after your cross-country move. Before moving day, make a to-do list to plan your time efficiently without missing anything.

6. Pack Carefully Before Moving Cross-Country

If you are shipping your belongings with movers, pack everything as if it were fragile. This protects items in case any part of the travel is rough.

7. Keep Important Documents with You

If you plan to use movers, don’t pack essential documents in the boxes you send. It is best to keep important papers with you so you’ll have this information if you need it while your belongings are in transit.

8. Notify Everyone of Your New Address

Lastly, don’t forget to notify people of your move. While this includes friends and family, also be sure to notify utility companies, financial institutions, and the post office.

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