Making your home safe and accessible for seniors is essential to ensure your elderly family members can live comfortably and independently. There are lots of simple changes you can make to ensure that your home is age-friendly, such as installing grab bars in bathrooms, removing throw rugs, adding extra lighting, and providing easy access to items throughout the house. Here are six tips to help in making a home safe for seniors.

Add Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in bathrooms, hallways, and near stairs is vital for providing extra support and stability to elderly family members when walking around the house. Placing them at a suitable height will make it easier for seniors to move around without fear of slipping and provides an added sense of security.

Remove Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can be a significant tripping hazard for seniors, as they tend to slip easily and can cause falls. Removing these from high-traffic areas or replacing them with non-slip mats firmly attached to the floor will significantly reduce the risk of injury. If you want to keep your rugs, you can install things like rug tape that will help to keep mats in place.

Add Extra Lighting While Making a Home Safe for Seniors

Making sure that there is ample lighting throughout the house can go a long way in helping seniors to navigate their environment safely. Try adding additional lights or night lights in hallways and bathrooms and brighter bulbs throughout the home. Installing motion sensors or light switches at accessible heights will also help to make it easier for seniors to turn lights on and off.

Install Handrails

Installing handrails is another great way to make it easier for seniors to get around the house safely. Place them on both sides of staircases, along hallways, or in other areas with a potential tripping hazard. Make sure that they are securely fixed to the wall and well-maintained to provide maximum support.

Organize Kitchen Shelves

Organizing kitchen shelves makes it easier for seniors to access items without having to strain or reach for them. Place smaller, frequently used items on lower shelves, while larger and heavier items can be placed on higher shelves. Labeling items is also a good idea so that elderly family members will know exactly where everything is located.

Install Lever Handles When Making a Home Safe for Seniors

Swapping out doorknobs with lever handles can make it much easier for seniors to open and close doors without having to twist their wrists or grip tightly. Installing lever handles on doors throughout the house will help make navigating the environment much easier and more comfortable for seniors with limited mobility or dexterity in their hands.

Making a few simple changes can go a long way in helping to make your home safe and accessible for elderly family members. With these tips, you can give your elderly family members the independence and comfort they need to live comfortably in their homes.

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