When you are purchasing a newly-constructed home, you may believe that it is in great condition. After all, no one has ever lived in it and caused wear and tear, and all of the components and appliances are brand new. However, you can’t count on a new home to be perfect. A professional inspector will help catch issues that may cause trouble down the road and should be fixed before you move in. Here are 5 reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Order a Home Inspection When Buying Any Home

It’s always a good idea to order a home inspection when buying a house, no matter the age. A home is a big investment, so it is important to know all the details of the property.

New home construction involves many subcontractors. A home inspection will verify that various components have been installed correctly and evaluate the materials used. The inspector will test the functioning of the safety features, plumbing system, HVAC, and electrical system.

Learn About Safety Concerns with a Home Inspection on New Construction

In any home inspection, the inspector will look for existing safety concerns like electrical problems, faulty smoke alarms, and leaks that can cause mold. All of these issues can exist in a brand new house or an older home. Without a home inspection, you risk moving your family into a home that isn’t safe.

Have the Builder Make Repairs Before Moving In

When you schedule an inspection before the final walkthrough with the builder, you’ll have a report from the inspector that details any issues and concerns. It’s the builder’s responsibility to make needed repairs as recommended in the inspection report. Without an inspection, you’ll have to deal with repairs once you’ve moved into the home.

Use the Home Inspection Report on New Construction as a Maintenance Guide

Hopefully, the inspection of your new home doesn’t find any serious problems. In this case, you still have gained valuable information from the inspection report. It will show you the location of the main water shutoff, where the HVAC filter gets changed, and include maintenance suggestions for some components of the home.

Prevent Problems When It’s Time to Sell

You may only plan to live in this home for a few years and then sell it. When that time comes, you hope the home has remained in good condition. If there were issues from the initial construction that were never addressed, they will become a future headache. The buyer will order their own home inspection and ask you to fix any problems.

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