Winter is a great time to turn our attention indoors and work on DIY projects to transform our living areas. Here are six creative and achievable bathroom updates to enhance your home without professional assistance. You can make your bathroom an attractive, functional space.

Easy Bathroom Updates

1. Refinish the Vanity

Give your bathroom an update by refinishing the vanity. Choose a new paint color, or experiment with distressing techniques for vintage charm. Sand the vanity’s surface, apply a quality primer, and use a paint color or stain that complements your bathroom theme. Seal with a waterproof topcoat for added durability. Update the drawer knobs and door pulls for a complete transformation.

2. Add a Statement Mirror During Your Bathroom Updates

Replace a basic bathroom mirror with an interesting piece that makes a statement. Choose a framed mirror, or a mirror with an ornate design, or repurpose an antique frame. A distinctive mirror adds character and amplifies the room’s aesthetic. Visit thrift stores or flea markets for unique frames and customize the finish to match your bathroom decor.

3. Create a Tile Accent Wall

Elevate your bathroom’s visual appeal by creating a tile accent wall. Choose a vibrant or textured tile to install behind the vanity. This DIY project adds color, depth, and sophistication to the space. Use peel-and-stick tiles for a hassle-free installation. Plan the design and ensure the tiles are level for a professional-looking finish.

4. Install Floating Shelves

Upgrade your bathroom storage with floating shelves. These provide practical storage for towels, body care products, and decor elements. Choose reclaimed wood for an authentic rustic feel. Install the shelves securely to ensure they can bear the weight of your bathroom essentials.

5. Bathroom Updates: DIY Wainscoting

Introduce classic elegance to your bathroom with DIY wainscoting. This timeless design can be achieved with molding and paint, adding a touch of sophistication to your walls. Measure and plan the placement of the wainscoting, verifying it complements the height and layout of your bathroom walls. A fresh coat of paint completes the look.

6. Shower Storage

Transform your shower experience by adding an area for toiletries. This functional upgrade declutters the space and brings a spa-like ambiance to your daily routine. Include a hanging shower caddy or install shelves above your shower surround.

With these six DIY bathroom upgrades, you can tackle winter home improvement. Each project adds a unique touch to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality without needing professional-level skills. Embrace the creativity, enjoy the process, and take pride in upgrades to your bathroom.

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