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As the buyer, the Home Inspection is your opportunity to re-examine the home by visualizing it through the eyes of an impartial third party home inspector.

Faced with the largest financial commitment you will ever make, intelligent homebuyers, lenders and real estate professionals request a comprehensive home inspection to uncover potential hidden problems before the purchase a home. Know exactly what you're buying--old or new.

Home inspector going over HOME BOOk with home buyers CONSIDER THE BENEFITS OF A HOMEBUYERS INSPECTION
  • Provides peace of mind, helps you to make a sound home buying decision.
  • Reveals the need for repairs or replacements before you buy the home.
  • Limits the number of surprises you may discover after you move in the home.
  • Learn what types of systems are in the home and how they function.
  • Gives you invaluable details about your new home.
  • The general condition of the home.
  • How the home operates.
  • Ages of major systems of the home and their life expectancy.

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